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The Frank V Harry Cup

Frank V Harry.jpg
D4+ | Development Coxed Fours

The Frank V Harry Cup was first presented to Brent Regatta in 1965 by United Universities Women’s BC in recognition of ‘Mr Harry’s’ years of sterling work as their coach. Crews from the club represented GB at the Women’s European Rowing Championships from 1960-1965.

At that time Brent (previously Willesden) was the only multi-lane event in Britain, and took place on Whit Monday on the Welsh Harp Reservoir where four lanes were marked with buoys.

After that regatta perished, UUWBC rescued the cup and gave it to the National Championships to be presented for Women’s Elite Fours. The National Championships then decided to abolish presenting trophies altogether so it was rescued again by Pauline Churcher and presented to HWR in 1996 as it was felt its future would be safe in the hands of HWR.

Awarded for Senior Coxed Fours until 2016. Awarded for Senior Coxless Fours in 2017

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