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The Bourne Cup

Borne Cup.jpg
C4x | Championship Quadruple Sculls
Sponsored by Nina Padwick

The Borne Cup was presented in 1999 by Nina Padwick and Borne Regatta which is run by Mortlake Anglian and Alpha BC.

In 1932, a young woman called Daisy Borne was rowing for a recently formed club called Alpha Women’s Amateur RC. Her father, keen to encourage her, presented the club with a silver trophy for best eights.

During those pre-war years, races to compete for this cup were organised by Alpha Women’s ARC. This was a great advance as there were few races for women at that time. The only other regular events for women’s eights were one run by Women’s ARA, one at Weybridge Ladies Regatta, and the Lady Fletcher Cup organised by St George’s Ladies RC. Since the event no longer exists it was felt appropriate that the cup be presented at HWR.

 The event was known known as the Elite Quadruple Sculls until 2018

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